donating bikes & volunteering at re cycle

Donate your Unwanted Bicycle

amanda logo smallGood bikes that would normally go to waste can be donated to Re Cycle at the workshop in Swansea.  Re-Cycle was set up as a social enterprise almost 7 years ago to reduce the widespread waste of bikes, keep Swansea supplied with reliable and affordable bikes and to provide training in cycle maintenance.

We accept donated bicycles in fair to good condition- if we can’t fix it we strip it for spares. We also welcome any spare parts or accessories.

Most refurbished bikes for sale are mountain bikes, some road and hybrid, and there is a steady flow of retro 1970s-90s bikes.

All bikes are serviced and refurbished by fully trained cycle mechanics working alongside volunteers – and all come with a two-month guarantee.

Bikes are sold to help support the project costs, given in exchange for voluntary work, and supplied to community groups.

showroom jan 13

Most people donate bikes because they dislike waste and prefer not to throw their bikes away. The recycling depots in Swansea are still taking in thousands of bikes every year but the project has so far been refused access to any of them.

Re-Cycle receives no charity or grant funding and relies entirely on bike donors and volunteers for support. Thanks to this support, and the rise in profile of cycling, Re-Cycle continues to grow during these difficult times.

Prices range from £30+ for children’s bikes; £50+ for adults. The prices are generally at least 20% lower than the going rate, and people often donate unused or top quality bikes. We also have a stock of refurbished parts.

Over the last seven years Re Cycle has refurbished and distributed over 3,000 bikes.

recycle poster jan 2013

Volunteering Opportunities at Re Cycle

As a Re Cycle volunteer you learn on the job and get to choose a bike. This popular scheme involves the exchange of a bike for 2-3 days volunteering.  Renovating bikes can be a very satisfying activity, and volunteers gain valuable experience in repairs and servicing.

Hundreds of volunteers have ridden away on a bike they’ve helped restore at Re Cycle. Around 10% of donated bikes are given to volunteers in exchange for their time. Most volunteers work on bikes in the workshop, some venture out for bicycle pick-ups, others help with promotion or admin.

Renovating bikes can be a very satisfying activity, and volunteers gain experience in maintenance, repair and servicing. Most volunteers approach us individually, some are on placement from organisations and professions.

Contact us to book your slot as a volunteer.  There is currently a four-six-week waiting time for volunteer slots.

One Comment to “donating bikes & volunteering at re cycle”

  1. I think we should try and recycle as many bikes as possible. There are so many wasted bikes out there at the moment

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